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Currently Roasting the following Single Origin coffees and espresso:


Brazil Serra Negra

Region: South Minas

Farm: Multiple Farms

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Catuai

Altitude: 908-1200 masl

Process: Natural

The Cup: Clean and tart with a thick mouthfeel; cocoa, toffee, lemon and salted nut flavor.


Sumatra Harimau Tiger

Variety: catimor, Timer hybrid, Bor bor, Ateng, Java, Abyssinia

Altitude: 1100-2500

Process: Wet hulled

The cup: Mild and sweet with tart acidity, floral, coffee cherry, lemon, chocolate


Rwanda Kigeyo

Region: Lake Kivu, Rutsiro district

Varietal: bourbon

Altitude: 1800-2000

Process: washed

The cup: balanced and sweet with tangy mouthfeel, grapefruit and chocolate flavour


Guatemala Quetzal- Huehuetenango

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra,Catuai, Typica, Maragogype, Pache

Altitude: 1600-1800

Process: Washed

The cup: Tart berry and lemon with a smooth toffee sweetness


Colombia Cauca- Inza

Variety: castillo, caturra. Colombia

Altitude: 1200-2200 masl

Process: washed

The cup: soft and sweet with fruit acidity and a silky mouthfeel, caramelized sugar flavour, vanilla, tangerine, lemon, chocolate


Colombia Huila Decaf

Decaffeination and process: washed, Ethyl Acetate

Variety : Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

The Cup: Soft and sweet with tart acidity, toffee and chocolate and citrus fruit flavor